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May 4, 2001

Schedule For Playoffs:
Apr. 26, 2001 Away New Jersey 2-0 W

Apr. 28, 2001 Away New Jersey 5-6 L-OT

May. 01, 2001 Home New Jersey 2-3 L-OT

May. 03, 2001 Home New Jersey 3-1 W

May. 05, 2001 Away New Jersey 7:00

May. 07, 2001 Home New Jersey 7:00

May. 09, 2001 Away New Jersey 7:00

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Leafs Win Game#4 3-1
Toronto played and all around good game with the exception of a few dump penalty’s and give aways. Every player was hitting including Berzin. (The first time I ever saw him hit.
The last 2 minutes was the best 2 minutes i have ever saw but then Domi did it. He took a cheap shot on Niedermayer and got suspended for the rest of the playoffs. I think Domi should of got only a couple games but not the rest of the season.
Tell me what you think Domi should of got.

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Domi skating during last nights game

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